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Notified Body Update

Shirley Technologies (Europe) Limited, trading as Shirley®, has been appointed as Notified Body no. 2895 for the PPE Regulation, (EU) 2016/425. Our notification includes Modules B, C2 and D for clothing and gloves to protect against all hazards, and firefighter footwear and helmets.

Shirley® can provide CE certification for manufacturers wishing to sell their product in the European Union and EEA, for both category II and category III PPE, and with our network of auditors can provide Module C2 selection or Module D audits worldwide.

In cooperation with BTTG®, United Kingdom Approved Body no. 0338, one technical assessment can cover Module B for the CE mark and also Module B for the UKCA mark. For category III PPE, we can provide Module C2 selection and test, or Module D audits, which cover both the CE mark and the UKCA mark. This enables manufacturers to sell their product in the EU and the United Kingdom with one assessment.

Posted by Admin on 10 June 2021