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PPE Certification

CE Marking of PPE

Shirley Technologies (Europe) Limited.

Shirley Technologies (Europe) Limited are able to offer the below services. With the group's history and experience of textile research and testing, we are one of the foremost bodies for the testing and certification of protective clothing and gloves. Below are the list of services we offer.

Certification Services

Shirley Technologies (Europe) Limited backed by the specialist knowledge of staff, work closely with manufacturers to ensure they have the correct technical documentation and all necessary test data to enable them to successfully CE mark their products.

Our expertise in assessing protective clothing means that we are trusted by manufacturers the world over to test and certify their products. Our experienced Certification team can assist manufacturers in choosing the correct procedures and test methods for their products, and will provide guidance on aspects of the type-examination such as Technical File content, Labelling, and User Information.

Harmonised Standards and Technical Specifications

As a Notified Body, we have the authority to issue EU type-examination certificates for PPE items according to Module B of the PPE Regulation, (EU) 2016/425, using Harmonised Standards (those accepted by the EU as providing presumption of conformity with the PPE Regulation) as well as Technical Specifications such as ISO, IEC and NFPA standards and other technical documents.

Among the most commonly used standards Shirley® use to certify PPE items are:


  • EN 469 – Firefighter’s protective clothing
  • EN 1486 - Reflective clothing for specialized firefighting
  • EN ISO 15384 – Wildland firefighting clothing
  • EN 13911 - Firefighter’s hoods
  • EN 659 - Firefighter’s gloves

Heat and Flame Protection

  • EN ISO 11612 - Protective Clothing against heat and flame
  • EN ISO 11611 – Welder’s protective clothing
  • EN ISO 14116 - Limited flame spread protective clothing
  • BS 7971-10 – Public order (police) protective clothing
  • EN 407 - Protective gloves against heat and flame
  • EN 12477 - Welder’s protective gloves
  • EN ISO 14460 – Protective clothing for racing drivers
  • IEC 61482 - Protective Clothing against electric arc flash


  • EN ISO 20471 – High Visibility clothing
  • EN 1150 - Visibility clothing for non-professional use
  • EN 13356 – Visibility accessories

Chemical Protection

  • EN 943-1 and EN 943-2 - "Gas-tight" (Type 1) and "emergency teams" (Type 1 ET) protective suits
  • EN 14605 - Liquid-tight (Type 3) or spray-tight (Type 4) protective clothing
  • EN ISO 13982 - Protective clothing against solid particulates (Type 5)
  • EN 13034 - Limited protective performance against liquid chemicals (Type 6)
  • EN 1073-1 and EN 1073-2 - Protective clothing against radioactive contamination
  • EN 14126 - Protective clothing against infective agents
  • EN 374 - Protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms

Mechanical Action

  • EN 381 series - Protective clothing and gloves for users of hand-held chain saws
  • EN 510 - Protective clothing for avoidance of entanglement
  • EN 388 - Protective gloves against mechanical risks
  • EN 14404 – Knee protectors

Foul Weather and Cold Environments

  • EN 342 - Clothing for protection against cold
  • EN 343 - Clothing for protection against rain
  • EN 14058 – Clothing for protection against cool environments
  • EN 511 - Protective gloves against cold

Radiation Protection

  • EN 421 - Protective gloves against ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination
  • EN / IEC 61331 – X-ray protection

General Requirements

  • EN ISO 13688 - Protective clothing
  • EN 420 - Protective gloves

Category III PPE

PPE classified as Category III are items protecting against mortal hazard or serious, irreversible injury. These items must be submitted to a Notified Body for EU Type-Examination (Module B), and must also undergo annual checking by a Notified Body according to either Module C2 or Module D of the PPE Regulation.

As a Notified Body, we are accredited for both Module C2 (annual checking by selection and testing), and also Module D (factory audit).

Module C2

The Module C2 procedure is suitable for manufacturers of Category III PPE who do not have an approved Quality System. The Notified Body must carry out the necessary checks on the PPE by selecting samples once per year, carrying out sufficient testing to show conformity with the original model, with the Regulation and with the relevant standards.

Our Certification services create a multi-year testing schedule for each PPE undergoing Module C2, that covers all relevant tests over the cycle while checking safety-critical properties every year. Selection is made by our experienced staff, or by independent, qualified personnel chosen by us specifically for the task. Selection can take place at any suitable location, at the production site, head office, or at a distributor or importer’s premises.

Module D

We are pleased to be able to carry out Module D (factory audit), suitable for manufacturers of Category III PPE with an approved quality-control system, such as ISO 9001 or similar systems.

More information on the Module D services can be found here.

The EU’s PPE webpages can be found here.

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