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CE Marking of Construction Products - Service Coming Soon

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

The Construction Products Regulation (EU No. 305/2011) replaced the Construction Products Directive on 1st July 2013. Any Construction Product covered by a Harmonized Standard (hEN) must be CE marked. The procedures that the manufacturer must follow (the Conformity Tasks) depend upon the type of product.

The CPR does not set minimum performance values for products, however it does harmonize the tests that the product must undergo. The manufacturer must declare the performance against these tests. It is then left to national regulations, or the purchasers and users of the product, to decide if the product meets their requirements.

Harmonized Standards (hENs) and European Assessment Documents (EADs)

If a Harmonized Standard exists for a Construction Product, then the product must be assessed using this standard. CEN (or CENELEC) will issue standards under a mandate from the European Commission, who publish the reference of the standard in the Official Journal of the European Union, thus Harmonizing the standard.

hENs have an Annex ZA.1 which lists the mandatory tests. There may be other tests which are optional, and are not required for CE marking.

Products for which no Harmonized Standard exists can be CE marked using a European Assessment Document (EAD), which will have a section listing the mandatory tests, serving the same purpose as a hEN’s Annex ZA.1.

System of Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP)

hENs have an Annex ZA.3 which sets out the system of AVCP for the product. EADs will also have a section which serves the same purpose.

There are five ‘Systems’ with different tasks for the manufacturer, and also for Notified Bodies where appropriate.

The Systems contain some or all of the following procedures:

  • Factory production control (FPC)
  • Initial inspection of the manufacturing plant and of FPC
  • Continuous surveillance, assessment and evaluation of FPC
  • Determination of product type on the basis of type testing, calculations, tabulated values or documentation
  • Audit testing of samples taken before placing the product on the market.

The tasks for Notified Bodies depend on the System, and can be one of the following:

  • Testing Laboratory (for System 3): type-testing of samples submitted by the manufacturer
  • FPC Certification Body (for System 2+): initial inspection and continuing surveillance of FPC
  • Product Certification Body (for System 1 and 1+): both type-testing and FPC

System 4 products are the responsibility of the manufacturer, with no Notified Body involvement.

Shirley Technologies (Europe) Limited

Shirley Technologies (Europe) Limited will shortly be accredited as a FPC Certification Body and a Product Certification Body. Our full scope will be available on the EU NANDO database.

System 2+ products (as a FPC Certification Body)

The scope for System 2+ products is based upon on FPC auditing capabilities, supported by the specialist knowledge of  our UK's leading laboratory for Geosynthetics.

Geosynthetics (membranes and textiles), geotextiles, geocomposites, geogrids, geomembranes and geonets for use in:

  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Foundations and walls
  • Drainage systems
  • Erosion control
  • Reservoirs and dams
  • Canals
  • Tunnels and underground structures
  • Liquid waste disposal or containment
  • Solid waste storage or waste disposal and for use as:
    • as fluid or gas barriers
    • as a protective layer
    • for drainage and/or filtration
    • for reinforcement

Membranes - Damp proofing sheets

Membranes - Roof sheets

System 1 products (as a Product Certification Body)

The scope for System 1 products, where a Fire Retardant agent is used in the manufacture of the product, is based upon our FPC auditing capabilities together with the expertise of BTTG®, the UK’s leading laboratory for flooring and carpets.

  •  Floorings (including carpets)
  • Internal and external wall and ceiling finishes - Coverings in roll form

More information on our FPC capabilities for Construction Products can be found here.

The EU’s CPR webpages are here.