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Construction Products (FPC) - Service Coming Shortly

CE Marking of Construction Products – Factory Production Control

Shortly, Shirley Technologies (Europe) Limited will be accredited for System 2+ and System 1

Under the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (the CPR), manufacturers of System 2+, System 1 and System 1+ Construction Products must have their production control assessed and approved by a Notified Body, appointed as a Factory production control certification body (System 2+) or a Product certification body (System 1 and 1+).

Once we receive the notification by NANDO, we will be accredited for Factory production control certification (System 2+) for Geosynthetics and Membranes, and is accredited for Product certification (System 1) for Floorings (including carpets) and Wallcoverings.

The FPC process

The manufacturer should provide us with its factory production control documentation. We will then inspect the production sites and where required by the product type, laboratories, design offices etc. Once the Manufacturer has demonstrated, through this sampling exercise, that the system can produce product which conforms with the declared essential characteristics of the original model, we can then issue a Certificate of "Conformity of Factory Production Control" (System 2+) or 'Certification of Constancy of Performance’ (System 1) for the product family or products.

The Certificate is issued without an expiry date, and is valid for as long as the system continues to comply, the standards remain in force, and the manufacturer produces the product. Once we are a Notified Body, we must continue to monitor the FPC system by carrying out surveillance audits, generally once per year.

Certificates for additional products can be issued, covered by the same FPC approval, with suitable additional testing (if required) and a declaration of performance.

Auditing Services

Our auditors are trained to the principles of ISO 9001 and have many years’ experience of auditing Construction Products, they cover the globe from our bases in Ireland, the United Kingdom, China and India. Manufacturers in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America may rely upon our professional auditing staff to deliver product specific, high-quality auditing, to internationally renowned quality management auditing standards.

For manufacturers of flooring for marine use, our auditors can often combine the CPR FPC audit with a Marine Equipment Directive Module D audit, providing a cost-effective solution for manufacturers targeting both markets.

Through our Ireland and UK based auditors, can also provide ISO 9001 certification, and can usually conduct a CPR FPC audit alongside the ISO 9001 audit. This allows a manufacturer to gain Quality Management Systems approval at the same time as fulfilling their regulatory obligations.